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high latency problems

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i keep getting high latency spikes, sometimes it spiked up to 200ms and then it drops back down to 20ms and i can play. But after a while it wil go up again, sometimes for longer, sometimes just a few seconds. I have played this game for years with no problems, i have played on this internet connection with this pc without problems. Then i stopped playing probably 6 months or something ago and i started playing again when little orbit took over, but now im having these latency problems all of a sudden.
Is there anyone that could help me? And dont say my internet must be trash, i have a dutch connection with 400mb/s down and 40mb/s upload so that should be plenty. And all the other parts of my network and my pc havent changed since i played before so i dont know what is wrong.

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so finally i got a response on my ticket. They said do a latency test( type /latencytest in chat while in the game, takes about 10mins) So i did. And then i send the file(wich is not stored in the location it said it would be stored, but that is a different problem) And then they just say well yeah its probably in your connection. 
So my connection is the same as it was when i had no lag problems(back in 2017), my provider is the same, my pc is the same, i got no mallware or crap like that. I checked what was connected to my router, only 3 android phones and my pc so not overloaded. Offcourse i have a wired connection and not wifi(who plays games on wifi??)

might also be worth saying i only have problems in this game, no other games have connection problems...

this is the exact reply i got on my latencytest file 

Thank you for contacting us about your issue.

We have investigated the latency report you provided and found that you are having latency spikes starting off your modem/router at home. It starts with a latency of 550 ms during those spikes causing you have in game problems.

We recommend you to check your home network for other applications that are consuming the bandwidth. It also would be good if you could connect using a wire if you are connecting wireless. 

Please try also checking your computer for malware or viruses that may be using resources.

If you have any other concerns or questions, please don't hesitate contacting us.
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