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[PC] 05/11 Maintenance Announcement: Little Orbit Day 2023

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Hello everyone!


As the final preparations for the awaited Little Orbit Day 2023 have been made, we are ready for the weekly update to bring the 5th Anniversary celebration events to San Paro.


An update will go live for PC on Thursday (05/11) at 9 am.




General changes:

  • "The Beacon" Map has returned as part of our new event: Little Orbit Day 2023! If you haven't seen them already, here are all the details on the event
  • The GM-initiated minigame "Butcher" now awards Joker Tickets!
  • Balance Change for 'Fr0g': Damage increased from 200 to 210.

Bug fixes:

  • An issue where sometimes arresting a player requires you to perform the action twice has been fixed.
  • Activated items will no longer get canceled while crouched.
  • We fixed a crash resulting from setting UnStreamAllTextures=True defaulting to UnStreamAllTextures=False in the INI files.
  • Adjusted a location that could result in player textures failing to stream to the game client.
  • The Female Hoodie (Hood Down) 's flags have been fixed to no longer force untradable, as it was acquirable early-game from Terri Quan (Criminal) or Violet Prentiss (Enforcer), respectively.

Known issues:

  • Stalls can occur upon entering the Clothing Kiosk with "NEW!" items.
  • Tattoo layers are inversed. Tattoos lower on the list will cover the ones above.


See you in the game!

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