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[PC & Console] 04/27 Maintenance Announcement

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Hi everyone,

I'm going to make tomorrow's patch announcement. A patch is going up on the Live servers for PC. This patch will be happening on Thursday 4/27/2023. The patch is scheduled to start at 2am PT / 9AM UTC and will last 4-6 hours.



  • Easy Anti Cheat is now fully implemented in APB! Launching the game will install EAC automatically. Please continue to use the /report command to report cheaters, as always!
  • Players can now choose to disable fog. This option can be found in the Advanced Video settings (note that keeping fog enabled slightly impacts performance)
  • Day/Night cycle added back to Asylum
  • Added the ability to disable Muzzle Flash and Magazine Casings. These options are in DefaultGame.ini, under APBGame.cVisualFX_Weapon called:
    • m_bEnableMuzzleFlash=true
    • m_bEnableMagazineCasings=true



  • Previously when nerfing the Colby .45, an extra 5m was accidentally taken off the range. After testing we’ve decided to keep this, meaning the Colby .45’s range will stay at 45m.
  • Vaquero Gear 5 Topspeed increased: 1700 -> 2200
  • Coywolf VIP torque slowdown adjusted: 0.8 -> 0.94 (fixes ineffective modifier)
  • FAR jump modifier changed: 20 -> 15



  • Implemented a fix for the ‘car bug' (the issue where exiting a car while drifting caused players to visually desync for everyone else)
  • Fixed an exploit involving objectives and crouching at the same time



  • The achievement “Kind of a Big Deal” does not increment if you are already gold threat and your character existed after your account achieved gold threat
  • Stalls can occur upon entering the Clothing Kiosk with “NEW!” items
  • Tattoo layers are inversed, meaning tattoos lower on the list will cover ones above


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