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[PC & Console] 04/19 Maintenance Announcement

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Hello, everyone!


Our standard weekly maintenance for PC and Console will also occur this Wednesday (04/19) at 9 AM (UTC). It is expected to last between 4 and 6 hours due to more extensive patching for PC. Check out the supplementary patch notes below! 


Thank you for being patient during this period. 

See you in the game!



We are saying goodbye to the Easter Bunny. We will conclude the Easter Event and revert districts to their normal state.



Implemented an experimental change that should hopefully fix a bug where players occasionally appear in strange positions after exiting cars.



  • We moderately decreased the effective and max falloff range of the Colby .45 AP.
  • We adjusted the STAR's jump modifier from 30 to 10. This adjustment should improve the players' experience while running and gunning with the weapon.
  • We adjusted the STAR LCR's jump modifier from 13 to 10, keeping in line with the STAR it is based on.
  • The FAR's jump modifier has been adjusted from 30 to 20. The adjustment places it between the NTEC's and the STAR's.
  • Mikro and Vaquero (Enforcer / Criminal Compact) car's top speed has been adjusted slightly: from 19.5 to 20.5.
  • Mikro's reverse speed has been adjusted from 13 to 15, making it equal to the Vaquero's.
  • Epinephrine Injection: Damage taken: 25% -> 40%.



  • The achievement "Kind of a Big Deal" does not increment if you are already threat level gold and if your character existed after your account achieved the threat level gold.
  • Stalls can occur upon entering the Clothing Kiosk with "NEW!" items.
  • In bomb missions, bombs will hit 0 but not count as "exploded" if the player who planted them is removed during a mission.
  • The Colby .45 is missing about 5m from its min damage range. This will be corrected in the future.
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