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St. Patrick's Event 2023

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Clones, rejoice! 


The Green Man is back and ready to share the goods with tomorrow's patch. We know better than to trust a leprechaun, but these limited-time goods are too good to pass. 


What do you say? Are you willing to risk it?


From the 8th until the 22nd of March, you will have an opportunity to track down the Merchant Man, the leprechaun's trusty sidekick, and take a look at what he has to offer at the following locations:

  • Embry Crossroads
  • Watchtower
  • New Flagstaff
  • Traders Flat
  • Los Alamos
  • Shackleton
  • Outpost


And don't forget to also visit the rest of the Wasteland's festive NPCs along the way, with more event-related content to enjoy:


  • Plateau, Embry Crossroads, Thorton Albert, 4241855,3219535 (player level 1-9)
  • Plateau, Needle Eye, Sadie Farnsworth, 4305303,3741912 (player level 10-15)
  • Northfields, Sunshine Corners, Jebediah Hewett, 4541564,4990304 (player level 16-30)
  • Kaibab Forest, Trader's Flat, Lucius Row, 6545458,5213404 (player level 31-44)
  • Deadfall, Los Alamos, Cindy Boone, 5521083,5106657 (player level 45-55)


We thank you for your patience during tomorrow's scheduled update (03/08) and wish you a happy St. Patrick's month! 


P.S.: Don't forget to share your most awesome in-game moments during this event with the rest of the community. Let's enjoy them together! 


P.S.S.: This thread has been cross-posted from News & Announcements for convenience!

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