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Keeping players informed

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A lot of players don’t visit the forums or use external things such as APBDB or the bot to go with it to keep themselves in the loop with APB, these players are completely left in the dark about the direction the game is heading, this has allowed for extreme levels of toxicity to fester where many players are spreading false information about the game being completely abandoned to people that don’t know any better. The only thing that at least attempts to keep players informed are the infrequent visits by a GM which nowadays find themselves in a position in which the uninformed players see GM’s as witches trying to feed them poison, it is not a healthy situation and something has to be done here as soon as possible. The most simple thing would be to bring back the broadcast system to broadcast news to those players that are unaware of Matt’s Bi-weekly update on the forums. These messages shouldn’t be long but should serve as a reminder that the game is receiving at least some form of communication over at the forums, schedule them to run for a week starting from the day that Matt posts his Bi-weekly update on the forums and make sure to change the message every time so players see there was a new update from Matt.

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