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Armas marketplace/loyalty rewards

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Great game overall...4.5stars, its just that I¬†spent ¬†10 bucks and 999G1C and is now 1 G1c away from a loyalty reward...i have to spend 5 bucks more¬†ūüė쬆if i want it. I recommend 3 things, Put things for 1 G1C AKA Armas¬†1 G1C¬†store(symbols), 2) if the lowest item is 30 G1c program it to pay out at 1-29G1C, 3) rework the loyalty rewards to account for what u have and since this is life the 4th: Do nothing I'm only a needle in a haystack.




Orr enable the FairFight code for one use. 

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Btw, I spent the $10 on two $5 g1c pack (about a week apart)¬†(rather than the $10 pack that has the bonus of 150g1c(may be wrong))¬†realizing only¬†after that there were¬†bonuses when¬†i scrolled down on the second purchase (from what I remember). ūüė쬆¬†

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just wait until u want to spend more money.


i dont think they should add a 1 G1C store, i think it seems unnecessary

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