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Alpha Client Known Issues List

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Here is the list of known issues for the Unsung Story Alpha Client. To give feedback, please visit our Discord server. We are primarily interested in impressions about the flow, feel, and balance of the game, though if you find anything broken we would appreciate those reports in the #unsung-play-reports channel.


  • Mission 1 – If your main character has been downed at the end of combat, the end cutscene model will also appear downed
  • Mission 1 – During the opening cutscene, the Microbot and Automatank portraits will flash red before becoming blue again
  • Mission 3 – Steam Vent volume doesn’t change with Volume Options
  • Mission 4 – Ranged units are able to attack through buildings
  • Mission 6 – Stair collision acts like steps rather than a ramp
  • Mission 6 – There is a seam in the level geometry
  • Mission 6 – Harmonic Fissure volume doesn’t change with Volume Options
  • Mission 6 – Downed Automatank remains during cutscene
  • Mission 6 – Background music is missing
  • Mission 7 – Background music is missing
  • Various text issues
  • Lighting is not yet finished on some cutscenes
  • The hair clips through the Guardian helmet
  • There is a seam on the hood of the Archer
  • Character placement circles can clip into the environment
  • Highlighting a mission does not currently show its location on the map. There will be a lot more map functionality coming.
  • You can sometimes get into a state where you can’t click on a NPC in the HUB
  • Characters can get stuck if you progress through dialog too quickly
  • Holding space to skip cutscenes does not always work
  • The “Save Files” list is able to be dragged out of its bounding area
  • Scrolling with your mouse wheel after assigning a job will case the background to zoom in and out
  • Changing resolution does not always properly adjust the graphics/window of the game
  • The drop down for resolution options doesn’t scroll which prevents the player for being able to view all resolutions
  • Character animations reset during character customization, which causes them to abruptly move
  • Missing countdown for knocked out units
  • Missing indicator that you are losing or gaining gold
  • Character facial stubble has visual static
  • Various skills do not yet have animations
  • Sirena will sometimes buff downed enemy units
  • Using Tumble for a second time, after cancelling and moving, will prompt the player to move from the original location
  • Creating a Physician initially will still load you in to the first mission as a Mercenary
  • Characters do not die permanently yet
  • Some abilities are not working yet
  • Allies can currently be targeted with basic attacks
  • Not all Abilities and Passives currently auto-equip when you unlock them

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