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Just a few things... (Suggestions)

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Gonna try to keep this short...



  • Remove save checks from skills/mutations - It's an RNG system that hasn't been tuned in 7+ years, it should simply be abolished from a PVP standpoint. Which isn't many abilities thankfully.



  • Remove passive 5m bonus range in system, this is across the board.
  • Increase melee listed range to 3m in stats.



  • Kneecap (Dirty Tricks) needs dispel values checked to make sure preservation/suck it up cannot dispel it.
  • Stanch Wounds cast time and cooldown increased by 1s. (Still think it should be self-only... but we'd have to add another heal)
  • Remove passive 7% critical chance given to characters for free, instead split it between Weapon Skill and Precision.
    • This would bring the total at "cap" investment for player level to 29% vs 22%.
      • Weapon Skill would be 2.9%
      • Precision would be 26.1%
    • This increases the gap between pure power builds, power/precision, and most certainly pure precision builds.
      • This does not mean critical chance caps at 29%, obviously like all passives it scales base on total boosted stat. (7.5095 vs 9.8989 per 1%)
  • Diplomatic Immunity should remove all armor debuffs off of a friendly target (Not for self)
    • This aura is one of the weaker lines and could use a boost.
  • Fix Power's tooltip (6.3% at max for your level) and Weapon skill tooltips (.7% at max for your level)
    • These are clientside actually, serverside should be 90/10 (%) of total investment checks (Was confirmed back before GORE by previous staff)




  • Increase cooldown of high damage nukes (direct damage) by 50% (ThermalTK/Sonic would be 30s rather than 20s.
    • It's a "free" hit, given it's potential to kill a target with enough players it should be planned rather than spammed.
  • Increase cooldown of Benevolence by 1s
    • A slight nerf to healing.
  • Add "mutation/grenade/heavy weapon" protection of 5/5/10/10/15/15/20/20 (%) to Resilience under Enhancement
  • Vital Omosis change HoT (or a mix of direct/hoT), most will probably agree this heal got a bit too strong. I'd prefer the old 20s cooldown zone, required positioning.
  • Mutations requiring one to "stand still" should root the user while casting, but also increasing cast times of Benevolence/Endless Reserves/Vital Osmosis by .5s (If V.O. remains in it's current state)
    • To allow punishment of healers in PVP, won't effect much in PVE as mobs do not currently switch agro from healing.
  • Meditation 5 under Illumination fixed to require 123 illumnation NOT 121.
    • Huge QoL change, would open up TK/Nano to Dual Wield users that were punished by not being able to time attacks fully.


Would add more but not going crazy here.

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Added "Save" suggestion
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