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Few suggestions QOL stuff

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1) Make these last 2 unlockable or make them level based
My suggestion would be a unlock every 50 levels if not add them to the new contacs



2) Add a weapon set change to the inventory
There would be a option to change the contents of these and customize them
But the idea is when clicked your main/second & grenade will change to the pre-set one
Ofcourse the current system will remain in place this would just be a extra


3) In character info
Show your assists, would just be fun to know & missions track these anyway so shouldnt be hard to add


4) in Asylum
Add mission specific tasks, kinda like the daily ones in normal districts
But these will reset every mission and are easyer
few examples:
- Make 3 kill with [weapon type]
- Hold/capture a objective
- Get 1 grenade kill
These hopefully will let people try out different guns 
To prevent this from being a massive JT gain i suggest to let them reward 5-10 tickets max

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I have moved this thread to the Game Suggestions section of our forums.



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