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Suggestion: Give Us a Way to Give You Money

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Over the last week or so I've been obsessively playing Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions on my phone. It's started me down a rabbit hole that landed me here, for obvious reasons.


I missed the Kickstarter by years, as I'm sure have others, but I know from projects like Barkley 2 and Star Trek: Axanar that it's often still possible to give money for rewards by private websites such as this one. I'd love to preorder Unsung Story or otherwise shove money 💰 at your face so as to a) help production and b) secure my copy of the game in advance and c) maybe still getting some of those sweet Kickstarter rewards.


How about setting something like this up?

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Hi there,


Sorry I missed this post last year.


I appreciate your perspective (and offer to help push money toward development).

This is a tricky line for me, because we get a fair amount of inquiries like this each week.


Out of respect for the original backers who took the leap of faith back in 2014 and then got burned for so many years, I made a commitment not to re-open the Kickstarter campaign to new people. Instead we are looking at Steam Early Access before the end of 2020. That version wont have all the KS rewards, but we're going to try and do a pre-order once Chapter 1 is launched that is less expensive than the entire game, but above what KS backers paid.



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