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Streamer Qualifications

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Hey everyone,


In support of our Streaming Community, who have been doing a lot of work on providing visibility to APB over the years, we will be providing qualifying streamers with codes as giveaways on their channel. Below is a list of qualifications that the streamer must have before they are eligible:

1. You are not currently banned or been banned by Little Orbit previously
2. You do not violate the Terms of Service while streaming
3. You are an active streamer (at least 2 days a week - 3 hours per session)
4. You have been streaming for a least a month
5. You have your VODs available for review

If you think you meet the qualifications as a streamer, please DM me, @lixilkae, on either the forums or  Twitch.tv.

If accepted, you will be given a number of codes to be given away on your channel to viewers. The number of codes given will depend on how often you stream, how many followers and views you get on a consistent basis. Codes that are provided to you by Little Orbit must be given away as a random draw on your channel that anyone can enter. This drawing can not be limited to Subscribers but can be limited to Followers of your channel. The drawing must also happen live on the stream. If any of these conditions are not met or any of the above qualifications no longer apply to your channel, code support can be removed.

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