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Stamina and recovery time, one life mode, armour grading system

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My suggestion is to relate the recovery time of stamina with the degree of damage. When a player sustained substantial damage, he/she should take more time to recover while showing signs of the damage by slower movement or, even better, struggles to walk/move.

This can also make medical assist more helpful.

When a player sustained a certain degree bullet damage, he/she fell onto the ground and wait for other teammate who carries medic to resurrect them. While lying on the ground, the player may still use secondary weapons to shoot with limited vision. There should be a waiting or counting down before death (immediate death can be made to severe explosion damage or hit by vehicle). And once dead, the player shall stay out of the current mission, but only in observer mode. That means he/she can still watch the game but not able to communicate with other team mate.

Instead of spawning in the game over and over again, this ‘one life’ mode is definitely more fun!

P.S. leave the dead player where he/she is, because this may provide clues to other players to find enemy.

This also leaves room for an armour grading system, where damage can be countered by the higher graded armour.

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