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Found 1 result

  1. NTEC: Increase the N-Tec's range to 55m and increase its time to kill to .75-.77 to compensate while keeping its functionality the same. I base the suggestion off the ttk and range of weapons with similar ranges and ttks such as they Obeya Rifle, which has a ttk of .84 and a 60m range and FAR with a .7 ttk and a 50m range and STAR which has a 50m range but ttk of .75 Reasoning: The N-Tec is one of the best rifles in the game and is considered the most meta assault rifle, it is normally used accurately for close to mid-range while tap firing, people apply improved rifling for more range so that it can reach out to almost 60m. My suggestion stems from it being so versatile and accurate, and having a low enough TTK that it has overshadowed various other rifles such as the Star, S1-FA, Cobra, and Far which are meant for closer combat engagements than the NTEC. As it has the accuracy to fire at range so easily and time to kill to outshine the STAR, and easily take out the competing weapons in its range, I believe that increasing its ttk would better it's balance while giving it further range. Star: Decrease the STAR 556's ttk to .7 Reasoning: The star is a jack of trades and master of none, it does not have the amount of accuracy that the NTEC has, and has a slower bloom recovery, and is more close quarters oriented. Decreasing its time to kill will still allow it to maintain its viability, and give the FAR a roughly equal counter that doesn't overpower it. Overall Reasoning: Many close to mid-ranged weapons are not used as much as they can be as they are overshadowed by a faster, more reliable, more versatile weapon (the N-TEC), this suggestion is to bring those weapons that have been overshadowed for years into the spotlight to be played as they are on fairly equal footing gameplay and balance wise, while allowing the NTEC to still reach further ranges and be balanced for what it is used for most, without it overshadowing the closer ranges as much as it currently does.
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