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  1. People can always "dethreat" because that's allowed. LIke I said : force players to join their respective threat level district. If they chose, they'll always go for the lowest ones to gang up on the rest. Merged. This post also gives some good alternative options. But it's from 2018 and none of it has ever been applied, so that goes to show how much the devs care about this game.
  2. As the title says, having districts divided between threat level is utterly pointless. Bronze districts have more Silver and Gold players than actual Bronze ones. So what's the point? Either remove it entirely, since it's a totally broken system, or actually FORCE players to play in their respective district according to their threat level. Or at least make matchmaking more competent. Having 5 members in each party, but one party having 2 Gold characters and 3 Silver, while the other has 3 Silver and 2 Bronze is a recipe for disaster right from the start.
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