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  1. So from the looks of it, I found an alleged DDoser. He goes by AquaSensei. Don't know his full name.
  2. Oh, and yo guys; if you got any tips/trick on LTL, do feel free to share!
  3. Rewarding, at best The skill it takes to learn and use LTL is astounding. Running through gunfire, successfully stunning and arresting? That's a two for one--more than one kill would do. Sure, I'm a scrub, but I like a good stun and arrest; I'm Cop 9 atm. Tbh, wish there were moddable LTLs.
  4. Lmao As an added tip, you typically want to always be in, around, or near cover for when you do miss. In the event that you do miss, run like hell. And to clarify the interchangeable part: a) If you do wind up getting a lucky (or skilled) pig shot, hitting him her zed with a primary should be relatively easy because it would only require one shot. Spray em down with the CCG. Typically, when you use LTL, opps tend to be a more aggressive. This comes from the ignorance of the power of 1-shot + pig. You can expect them to push you a lot and get in range of your pig a majority of the time. Once they learn, they'll play a little passively. Rule of thumb for those criminals: if you see someone running LTL, Don't. Get. Close. And always assume the guy has a pig. b) If you hit them enough times with your primary, you can start to move in for the pig shot. It's very important to anticipate the opponent's movement...as well as other opponent's movements. LTL'ing a solo player is relatively easy because focusing on him is easy. When it comes to multiple people, you tend to find yourself rushed by both of them. Deaths with LTL (in my experience) usually occur when a second opp comes in. As far as continuously hitting them with the primary, it goes like this: Each shot refreshes the "final blow", and the final blow wears off as the opp regenerates stamina. Theoretically speaking, the pig would do 90 stamina damage. Since the stabba ccg deals 12.5 stamina damage each hit, you're given 2.5 points of stamina window to hit them with a pig. Learn this: It takes 8 shots with a CCG to stun. It takes 3 shots with a NL9 to stun. It takes 2 shots with a pig to stun. It takes 1 shot CCG and 1 shot pig to stun. It takes 1 shot NL9 and 1 shot pig to stun. Remember, you don't always have to stun them with the pig. Do so when the opportunity presents itself. Please note that I'm not a total expert; I've just now started playing like this. Anything that might need addressing?
  5. 1) Buy Stabba- Pig 2) Buy any primary Stabba 3) Hit opponent one time with primary. 1 round of NL9 or CCG will do 4) Hit with pig. 5) /dance Steps 3 and 4 are interchangeable. Tips: Be careful, the one shot effect will wear out eventually. If you find your opponent still standing after one pig shot, then oof. But don't worry, you can shoot him one time with a round, and he'll go down. After a good 10-15 seconds, the enemy will be strong against a single pig shot. Keep pelting him and close in. ~uwu what's this? *arrests you* Oh, and don't get greedy. You're still vulnerable when you try to arrest someone. You don't always have to go for the arrest. Play for picks, play defensively, and pick and choose your battles wisely. If you gotta run, run.
  6. Thanks for the update: I thought I was going crazy Man, going to the forums here for APB creates this newfound connection with the community that I thought I'd never find. I'ma come back here more often
  7. Yo, is anyone having an issue selecting your character and playing? When I log in, I'm met with a loading icon, and it keeps going. It traps me in the character selection screen, and there's no way for me to get in. Help? Oh, god.... It's the end times. Has APB finally croaked?
  8. So, um. I'm not able to join. Whenever I get to the character screen, the character doesn't load for me. Does this occur for anyone else?
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