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  1. you need to do maintenance twice on weekends.. yes i know there is lag on the weekdays as well.. but on Fridays Saturdays and Sundays its SEVERE, many times i have logged in 5 hours before maintenance to find only that the game is nearly unplayable and even sometimes unplayable at all... 3/9/2019 12:30am central time... unplayable :(.. 5 mins to get attached mail. only by re logging several times to get mail.. help and global channel not working, im not even seeing what i type in help or global, ever.. teleporting , 5 mins to tp only by continuous re logging... purchasing from vendors , ERROR Purchase Failure.Crafting during this time.. lets just say goodluck.. maybe you will even get dupes,i have. Just freaking do maintenance twice on the weekends please.. probably due to having more traffic of players on those days especially.. i play 5 hours before maintenance daily.. that is my spare free time
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