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  1. Decided to come back to the game myself after some time away... Can't remember how long its been, my main still has things like steam t-shirt, classy feathered hat, and other pre-order bonuses heh... Anyways... I remember the game being amazing and before its time, and that I would get reacquainted with it and get the fiancee into it.. Man, this did not go as expected. Having to wait 5+ minutes for a quest update.. I don't see this game gaining ANY new players until that lag is fixed... I naturally assume this lag is a server-wide issue and not just with the tutorial zone, right? Well... I,ll keep an eye out on things for change. If the lag gets fixed i,ll definitely be back. Until then...games pretty unplayable quest wise. edit: I've been told the lag would get fixed by maintenance, perhaps there should be more rounds of maintenance until another fix is found? That way it doesn't get that built up and unplayable. New players tend to be judgemental and fickle, and if it seems like a sinking ship...they won't give it any time at all. The population is enough to off put new players, but that lag is definitely a game killer. Had I not asked around (which I only did because I already knew and fell in love with this game many years ago) I would not still be here. I would not have known that the lag was temporary end-of-the-day lag (I assume because the old g1 abused the hell out of the game and the code and made lazy changes that drastically harmed the game and caused memory leaks.) Fixing those is laborious and takes far too much time... Since your planning on revamping everything I can see why it would be on the backburner to fix since it is likely to get fixed anyway in the revamp. So until then, @MattScott do you think we could get more rounds of maintenance for the server? Perhaps every 8 hours? (which would come to a total of 3 per day.) I know the maintenance happens late at night, I don't know if you have morning maintenance some time after that, but even 2 would better than 1 since it would seem just 1 causes large build up before it happens. Of course I could be entirely wrong. I would love to hear your thoughts on this as I can only make educated guesses without access to the code.
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