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  1. 7 minutes ago, Lixil said:

    Heya guys, I can see there is some confusion for this mini event.


    First off, this is just a small treat for the actual Valentine's day, which is Feburary 14th. It will be entire day for Citadel (GMT +2), entire day for Jericho (PDT) and entire day for Nekrova.


    As for the location and the time where to look for them... It's supposed to be a hunt. They can be in any districts, and they will be poping around whenever they feel like shooting the arrows(It doesn't mean it will be 1 cupid in 1 district every 5 hours)!


    But don't worry, there is a lot of rewards for everyone (assuming you reply on the questions correctly). 

    Will the event be on PS4?

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