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  1. Thank you guys for your answer. I play in the silver district because, as you said, the gold one is always empty. So every other gold players are doing the same. And I can't go back to the bronze one. Thing I've noticed in the previous days, about the matchmaking problem, it's not only about the ranks, but the amount of people that are in a group and play against people tagging alone. When I don't play with low ranks like me, we are four players that don't know anyone else in the group playing against four players that are communicating and grouping together. And again, really hard to find the fun in this. I"ve heard a lot about the changements that are about to come on the game, but nobody could tell me the date. So in waiting of that I'm not gonna play anymore I guess, I can't learn anything or have fun when my playtime is resumed in beeing insulted or killed by multiple players all the time.
  2. Hello guys I started the game some days ago. And sometimes I just want to quit after 3 missions because of that matchmaking. I am gold now, so I can't go back to bronze/silvers and play with new players like me. I am forced to play against r255 every game. And when they are in a group, which is the case almost all the time, we're four players less than rank 100 against a group of experienced and "good" players with all the stuff they need. We litterally have no chance. I really like the game, I like to play it, when that matchmaking.. They dare be toxic saying "ggez" most of the time when they are just playing against low players who only have a weapon and a modification lv 1. Pretty sure half of these players would be silver if they only play against same ranks as them.
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