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  1. Unless he makes many improvements from the old game like changing rare item spawn points also "spawning rare's in pvp zones must go" so you fanboy's who know where every good spawn point was would have a huge advantage. Also make sure its not P2W. The market place has more than just cosmetics so good luck with that. Do not force PVP PERIOD! This game was good enough as a pve game. We all know fanboy vets would make a clan and just dominate over the new players a "Russian" tactic in a lot of pvp games. Also he needs to let them know "the players on steam not on this NEW server coming" will LOSE everything. Good luck keeping those players so OVERALL good luck your're gonna need it.
  2. So you comment on every post i make but this one? hmmmmm
  3. I have not played this game in years and will not play it again the "old server". I have moved on and have spent my time and $ on games that are worthwhile and FE lost that so long ago. I will not spend my time or $ on a game that failed badly. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. I hope they make many improvements to the graphics or this game won't stand a chance, I hope you fanboy's spend enough $ so they break even. If " The Repopulation " game gets there shit together before this one good luck your're gonna need it.
  4. How is spending $ an advantage? That's all it would be giving us market points 1 for 1 we already spent on game. Dumb patootie how is that an advantage? I could drop $50 in marketplace the first day of new server, talk about stupid look in the mirror. I don't care about all my other stuff I got by crafting or looting. Or are you saying when the new server opens there will be no market place where players can spend real $ to buy in game items ROFLAU! Fanboy
  5. I have played for many years off and on mostly OFF and spent enough $ on this game and would never spend Another 1$ on this game if your telling all items I bought with $ will be deleted. You must put down the crack pipe if you think that is fair. All marketplace ITEMS should make the transfer or REFUND all market points and let us spend them on the new server.
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