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  1. Tried again today and I managed to log in fine. If you guys fixed it, thanks!
  2. Hi there! I've downloaded APB Reloaded on PS4 and rolled up a new character, but can't get into the game without getting stuck on this error message: "Tutorial districts full, retrying..." The game just stays there for as long as I've waited, not dropping me into any other districts even after waiting a significant amount of time. I've searched the forum and with google with no luck in rectifying the issue. I've come to the forum first since it's relatively easier, but I can put a support ticket in if needed. Any help would be appreciated, I've downloaded the game to play with a few friends who are also having the same issue. Summary: Can't log into the game at all, stuck on "Tutorial Districts full, retrying..." Description: I've rolled a new character on my PS4 account, and can't get in to play at all. The game just sticks on this error message, but I'm able to press circle to back out and retry. That hasn't gotten me anywhere however, even after an hour-plus of tinkering around with starting a new character on the Criminal faction as well. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Download and install the game on PS4 2. Create a new character, either faction. 3. Wait at the login/connection screen forever. … How many times have you recreated this bug: 100% of my attempts. Results: Game doesn't let me choose a district to log into at all, just sticks on "Tutorial Districts full, retrying...". Expected Results: Letting me into the game to pick where to start. Financial, Waterfront, or Social? I haven't played the game in quite a while so I'm unsure if there have been any new districts added.
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