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  1. BE gives me the Autolt kick, i have both swarm and old drivers on my computer due to owning both tyon and leadr. i dont run any other mouse software so unless BE gives me a more specific error kick its seems the answer is the simplets one in this case check op
  2. This is the previous thread from 2019 https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/7393-battleeye-autolt/ Its been a while since i played APB and wanted to come back for the Halloween but now i get all the time from my mouse software(i have my profiles and commands on it). @MattScott Can you please take a look on the issue? this was reported since jan 2019 "Posted January 5, 2019 Hi all, We’ve reported this to BattlEye and asked them to temporarily disable it till we can test further. Thanks, Matt" UPDATE I did a bit of investigation after closing the software and still being kicked, seems the Autolt to be triggered by some theme specific proccess i use for my win7 to have glass effect on explorer windows. im trying to find the source of the software since its been a quite a while since i did it. UPDATE 2 Both software Black Glass Enhanced v0.1/v0.5 and full glass trigger the Autolt kick within minutes. https://www.deviantart.com/curiouso9/art/Black-Glass-Enhanced-v0-5-156752713 https://www.deviantart.com/phantommenace2020/art/full-glass-149998657
  3. Mr. Foster

    Battleeye AutoLT

    now thats some interesting information there, if thats the case what would be the stance of LO in this case? personally i never had any other game kick/ban me for mainstream brands such as roccat. keep in mind i do have profile switching and custom configured commands on it but no macro shooting
  4. Mr. Foster

    Battleeye AutoLT

    if i get kicked for Autolt and i dont have it on my pc then id call it false-positive, unless BE can pinpoint what triggers the kick (roccat soft?).
  5. Mr. Foster

    Battleeye AutoLT

    with some google search anyone can find that BE is referring to these triggerbots, the question is what makes BE false-positive on users(at least on my case) getting kicked without the specific software.
  6. Mr. Foster

    Battleeye AutoLT

    Returning veteran, having the same issue with roccat mouse and im not even familiar with Autolt.
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