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  1. MoTa3

    themes help me

    the dog themes :V any one know this dog themes :V ?
  2. MoTa3

    themes help me

    guys wich one i need made it! Wich one in Themes name! like LeBoyce Vox wich one from all thi choose ?
  3. MoTa3

    High Ping

    i tired playing in fight club and my ping 80 only when i goto finical 3 or waterfront 3 the high ping is back this somthing about ur VPS Server i hope u fix it soon thanks,
  4. MoTa3

    High Ping

    Dear GM, this problem from 1 week ago i was playing fine with ping 80 and 90 in my country and only me in the routar i off the wifi all the time and only running apb now i got high ping and not reduce +200 its alawyes higher and i can't play i and my friend have the same problem i have 2 internet in my house i tired the another one its another company and another caple and same problem why ? i have alot of games online i tired my ping 80ms and 90 its fine why apb have problem high ping ? can you fix it ? thanks,
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