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  1. Hello, impossible to join the server "Citadel", am I the only one or the server is now or other? I can't even select my character to play. Sincerely
  2. Problem solved, subject can be locked
  3. How do we solve the problem when the support does not provide an answer?
  4. Okay, thanks for your answers, I'll check with the support, because I'm sure and certain that the character is on the steam account which is experiencing a problem with the password. Have a good day/evening to you
  5. The problem is that I know the address related to the steam account, but, I changed my email address for the steam account in the meantime (since a long time), does this impact for the password change with the account in question? I also know that my character was on the server at west 2, is the server still present?
  6. Good morning, everyone, Here I am, I have a small problem with APB, I would like to restart the game, but unfortunately, no way to connect with my steam account, the game simply tells me that my password is no longer valid and therefore, no way to connect to the game via steam, would you please have a solution? Thank you in advance for your answers cordially.
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