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  1. It is not very difficult to understand, if you want to steal me because you only steal my weapons for a value of 5 million if I have 50 million in money and other objects? the answer is that they have more accounts to steal and it is very slow to empty an account and then sell those items 1 for 1 so they go only for weapons, you just have to think a bit is not that complicated
  2. the way to steal suggests a large-scale theft, if you get information of 5000 thousand inactive accounts completely empty one by one? no.lo faster and easier is to steal only the weapons and this is my case. Surely if they reviewed the information of the sale of weapons of the year 2017 that was when they happened to see an increase in sales and could follow those suspicious sales easily
  3. It was a quick 1 minute thing to take the weapons and left everything else like 50 million in game money and objects so it is logical to think that it is not just me and that they wanted to do it fast with many accounts, if someone finds out my password and He wants to rob me, he does not leave everything and he takes only weapons, besides they did not delete the mail that they send you in auction when receiving the payment of 10 dollars for the sale of weapon and you can see who bought them the name appears, I doubt that someone enters me steal only weapons buy them and do not even erase evidence of the crime
  4. after a year without playing I enter and I find that someone sold my weapons and I've been waiting 3 days for a damn response, never in more than 20 years that I have been in the world of video games nobody enter any account of mine to steal anything this is embarrassing How could you allow someone to enter your database and steal personal information from your players?
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