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  1. I restarted my router, test my connection = 39 ping deactivate my firewall uninstall and reinstall the game with steam but nothing solves my problem .. please help !
  2. Since yesterday, I can no longer connect. I can Logg, select my character and choose the district. After that, the loading is infinitely long and after a moment I am disconnected From Lobby to District : > Connecting District Server..... (~ 20min) > Exiting Current Disctrict.... (~20min) > Return to home page with 2 ERROR Message : ->You have been disconnected from the World Server Unexpectedly -> You have been disconnected from the World Server Unexpectedly. The server may have gone offline or you may be experiencing network connectivity issues. This has been happening since the last game update, and I haven't been able to log in once. I restarted the game several times, restart my computer, and even reinstall apb completely, but nothing works. Please help me as soon as possible because Christmas events are in progress as well as my premium account... Thank you
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    Hi, This is 1 hour i am in the loading page ''Connecting to District Server......'' from lobby to district, and nothing happens I try to exit and reload the game, reboot my computer, etc... Please help !
  4. Yo we have a problem in halloween district ! the game crash on the last mission.. 4x times !
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