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  1. I currently have 3 character locations and 3 real locations if I'm not mistaken
  2. Hello, recently I had a friend of mine who had a problem with buying character slots. The game tells us that we can have a maximum capacity of 100 characters on a created account, except here below the Armas shows that when a 3rd character slot is created the purchase of another character slot is blocked. The screenshot below shows and is the concrete proof of this !
  3. I can not trade any more, send content to someone else through the Mailbox. I can not even buy the auctioned items at the Market in the Social District ... I do not know the reason, I am a Premium member and I live in Belgium. I have a friend from the same region who told me that I had no problems with the trade system, the mails and the Market at Social ... My character: Shelby54 -3 characters -Even problem for all -Reason unknown? I said that I did absolutely nothing deserving a ban. The buttons trade, attach objects (Mailbox), and purchase in the Market are disabled and on this impossible to click.
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