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  1. well back on topic without your derailing trolls the point still remains there are blatents running around and something needs to be done, not getting into an epeen contest with you about how good FF is we both know its not working as intended and neither is BE thats the TOPIC lets stay on that shall we !!!
  2. everything has become clear now lmao Dude when Goat released his speed hack it was detected pretty much instantly as in within hours they were banned by FF i remember it maybe you Dont ? it was a week after the public release of regoated the speedhacking was detected so i am finding it hard to understand why you are LMAO , because like it or not its a fact it detected speed hacking and banned for it around the time film was banned and film1 film2 through to film100 etc he kept rerolling within hours and was making new chars and the messages kept popping up such a body was banned by FF and the persons it mention were speed hacking so yh it worked.
  3. Funny thin is if LO cared they would simply observe the amount of two shot trigger bots in Fight club i just wish that GM's actually visited Asylum freq to see the amount off people with 40 - 50 kills every game always two shooting, its annoying cuz i know fact i cant 2 shot every fight what with lag mitigation ddos so yh obviously they are using Memory trigger bots not color ones i am aware that anti-cheat wont stop 100% but right now its stopping nothing this week alone i have faced over 6 speedhackers 3 were in a clan together all hacking on waterfront, but it gets a lilltle annoying keep recording and submitting to see them not banned last year when speedhackers were rife FF did detect them and ban instantly, problem is at the moment they are using a Battleye Bypass so FF and BE are not working, all it would actually take is a GM to visit Fight club and this game would be at least half free of hackers. Right now tho it just feels like G1 all over again, i was happy 4 weeks ago and the months before anyone made a BE bypass the servers were cheat free practically no speed hackers no rage hackers now its just gone right back to how it was when it was ran bu G1. And yes you call joke which only leads me to believe the community members who don't take it seriously are probably the neigh Sayers that are actually closeting themselves !!! I would just love for once for Admins and GM's to actually visit asylum unannounced in silence and observe about 5 games to not only catch speed hackers but the obvious ones using triggerbots and there are people using them 100% ..
  4. Looks like the Gprs is hardwired into there cpu giving them permanent epinephrine
  5. yes so they are both speeding around and the point is Nothing is being done its taking BE and FF over 5 days and they are still running around Rampant Come on Little Orbit you got to step up your game and Ban these feckers its ruining the game for Legit players im tired of seeing this day after day in fight club people going 40+ kills every game sigh...
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