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  1. blat_x777xx


    what period of time? how long before they answer in support? It's been 3 days of no response
  2. blat_x777xx


    If you don't mind what section I contact support, can you provide a link?
  3. blat_x777xx


    good day, I ask you to help, I need to untie the gamersfirst account from my old steam account. Access to the old steam account completely have, as well as to the new , I want to make a payment in the app store through steam wallet , but does not work. Need a peg to a new account. help please Пытаюсь написать в саппорт , при заполнение всей заявки нажимаю отправить , страница обновляется и все больше нече не проихсодит Trying to write in a support , when completing the application click submit , the page refreshes and more Neche not proishodit