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  1. Hello. I've returned to the game after several years of hiatus. I'm willing to give the game a chance now that LO took over. I miss having a clan to play with, so that's why I'm typing here. I'm rusty and I'd prefer a clan that doesn't look for super leet skills, but teamplay and just fun in general. Yes, I do use Discord. Thanks.
  2. I used to "main" the tommy gun for a long time so I think I should be able to handle it. @all I'll be skipping Medusa! Thank you for the replies!
  3. I'm going to get Euryale soon due to the loyalty reward program, but I am wondering... Should I even bother with the Medusa then? People are telling me muzzle break on Euryale makes it better in most cases than Medusa, while some tell me the Medusa is still better. I decided to ask here to finally decide what to do. I will get Euryale in time anyways, but I need to know if I should be spending the APB money on Medusa if I'll get Euryale as it is. Thanks!
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