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  1. Do you have any idea if he's doing some sort of Q & A soon so I could ask about this directly?
  2. I have a very low-end and old pc which is unable to run APB at more than 20 frames even after setting every setting to low and messing with some of the files, so I use GeforceNOW to play games my computer can't run well. GeforceNOW is a cloud gaming service which allows me to play PC games on any device with the power of GeForce GPUs in the cloud. For obvious reasons, GeForce doesn't allow it's users to have administrator rights.
  3. 1st of all I'm aware that I need a better PC my current one isn't made for gaming at all, I also call my computer a "potato" because it has bad specs. I guess I had to clarify that. I also know how GeforceNOW works I have very good internet which is why I use it. You obviously don't know how the service works, if only it was as simple as running the launcher as an administrator like everything else I probably wouldn't have made the post in the first place. I appreciate you trying to help though.
  4. First of all, I can't run this game normally with my potato computer. I've tried all the tricks and combined them together and at most I can only get around 24 frames at most (when I'm not moving) and because of that, I use a cloud gaming service which is GeforceNOW. With the service, I can run most games all on highest graphics settings but the problem is I can't run APB because in order to play the game you need to update directx or something like that which needs administrator privileges which GeforceNOW doesn't give you for certain reasons.
  5. Because of my bad computer I use GeforceNOW to play the games I own at higher quality and FPS than my computer could on it own. For those that don't know what GFN is, It's a cloud gaming service by Nvidia that grants you the ability to play a wide range of games across multiple platforms such as Steam and games that are in its own library using Nvidia GeForce GPU's. The problem is... APB Reloaded isn't compatible with GFN because it requires administrator rights in order to launch the game for whatever reason(Which GeForce doesn't allow us to have). I feel that this requirement should be removed because it isn't really stopping anyone but the people using Cloud services to play APB. I really enjoy APB Reloaded so if it were to become compatible with GFN It'd be the best thing ever. ^_^
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