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  1. Thanks for the answer C : Somehow your name seems very familiar to me, were you only often? : >
  2. Uhm, hello C: I thought about starting to play the game again and wondered if its still allowed to use the advanced launcher >_<
  3. Uhm...well...title says all C: I've been playing pretty often before private matters made me quit for a few months in july... On top of that it had to be when little orbit changed a lot it seems. The last thing I experienced was the introduction of Battleye. Now I'm scared because I don't know how much is different now :S Studying takes a lot of time nowadays so I probably shouldn't come back...but there are people I'd like to meet again...uhm...the playerbase is still the same? >.< This game is so addictive : < PS: Advanced launcher still okay? Cause PC surely still potato ':C Kiri C:
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