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  1. MarcusHolloway

    E clan

    This clan is meme clan our clothing have a lots of E. We make outfits for both sex with the E logo and and the names of E E clan leader DocObviouse
  2. I have reinstalled battle eye changed my internet plus i talked to my ISP and they said everything is fine. It might just be the game and its servers care to explain and also i have changed my set up twice and the same problem happens.
  3. Thank you for the in formation if this still happens because i'm changing net work in 2 days if the problem is still a thing i will just change my entire set up
  4. The problem still hasn't been fixed when i installed the battle eye that you told me to it said New server Help and exit what should i do?
  5. When the new update of apb reloaded came out. I'm having trouble joining any districts only district I can join is social district. when I even try longing in the games fine if you need a screenshot I will even show you. it says battle eye has kicked you for this following Reason: client is not responding. here is the screenshot http://prntscr.com/kgs2im and why is this happening to me?
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