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  1. The mods are played based on the player preference and the situation and can all be played tactically. If you’re going against an opponent with opgl or rocket launcher flak jacket is helpful. The grenade count deduction is essential due to double perc’ing the ground and getting instant kill against opponents. The fragile is basically useless unless you like going faster so i personally think it should have something more to benefit from. Kevlar is indeed annoying but useful for players who cannot aim aswell and need the extra health when facing people. Also useful for stationary players like snipers or lmg’s. Clotting agent is fine as it is But that is my opinion. Would be nice to have more green mods possibly something that would benefit grenades like tactile belt that gives you an extra nade or something. Idk but some more green mods would be neat. 

  2. Hello i have a few suggestions for mailboxes. My first suggestion is to put a search function. This would make it easier to say find a trial weapon you may have if you have opened a lot of joker boxes like me they stack up pretty quick. Also make it so when you claim an item from armas through the mail the mail will be deleted in 3 days. I dont see the point of keeping the blank weapon or clothes or cars claims in the mailbox and its tedious to go through and delete them all. Thanks -Owen

  3. Getting error code 11003 on login screen. Randomly booted me from game and this has popped up. says Account login has failed! Please check your User ID and password. Does this when i try and login with steam and through the apb login with same account.





    my friend can play at the same time but i cant. he lives same area as me.


  4. I highly agree with this. And I believe that removing the Gold threats from bronze servers is a fair and completely logistic way of handling the situation. This coming from a gold, bronze is for the new players. It is disgusting the amount of Gold threat players that are playing in the Bronze districts. And i completely agree it makes it hard for the new players to learn and enjoy the game. I believe if they were to be kicked when the Gold threat level is obtained if you are in Bronze district would somewhat solve this issue. Silver district is not that difficult. Learn to play your own skill, have fun and don't get so try hard to the extent you need to go and shit on the noobs. Because that ruins their experience and makes them quit. Therefore they play a role in the game not gaining any population.

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  5. Just now, cheater said:

    Thats funny, as someone who worked as Sys admin once in their life, I know that the first thing you do when you have an issue that happens more than once, is that you check your hardware, it really took you guys 5 days to find that out? great level of work

    alteast they are fixing it. Lets be real here. If G1 was still in command they would just duck tape it and hope for the best and if that fails eh whatever.

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  6. Do something to shotguns. Your game i turning into a shotgun simulator. Its falling apart. Everyone is using shotguns and its no fun to even play anymore. The shredder is way to op let alone any other shotguns. I mean the shredder has stupid range for a shotgun and crazy damage and its automatic? Who in the right mind came up with this... And why make them more powerful? I mean come on its a game of all guns not just shotguns.

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