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  1. i have more then one wifi i go back and forth depending on how meany people are on it t a time. it been 3 weeks now and i still cant trade. i never had this problem befor when i lived in FL i did the same thing, go between 2 wifi's depending on the traffic. this is a bit silly. i just enabled the random hardware adress
  2. it has been over 2 weeks and for some reason i cant trade or use the market place, i moved from FL to NY and i understand the trade lock for security but 2 weeks and counting is a bit over the top. i would like to spend my hard earned in game money in the market place and i cant. i have friends that want to trade me and vise versa but this extreamly long trade lock is still here. if you guys could help me be able to trade again, that would be a big help. P.S- i cant submit a ticket either, i fill out all the sections and i still cant press submit, it stays gray.
  3. I fixed a broken ps4, and downloaded apb, and what do you know, it works on that system, it must of just been they system
  4. 7/25/18 is when i filed the first ticket and after that i did 2 more the 27th and the 29th of this month and i made another one yesterday
  5. I contacted gamers first, little orbit and ceo matt scott but not a finger has been lifted to help with the matter, i feel like i, a loyal paying customer is being robbed of my account, time and money, i should be able to turn on my system and play. No frustration pointed twords you, just the situation and the feeling of being helpless
  6. Vanilla,how do you even mod a ps4, and how would i know if its modded ? Sorry for the silly question, i never knew such a thing existed
  7. Hey canine , thank you for reaching out, i appreciate this more then you know. But all i do is start up apb, i go through the loading screen , i get to the press x to continue user interface and when it starts to log in to reloaded productions it takes really long to log in and it gives me the error code 10044 account login fail but only one time out of 2 month's i had a different error code but i forgot what it is, all my friends are playing but me , its a little unsettling
  8. For a little over 2 month's i been trying to log in to APB on my ps4 and i had no luck. Iv restarted the router, re download the game and i am still unable to log in. I miss san paro and what to go back to my home but all i seem to be getting is a error code 10044. I spend over 300 hours on the game , spent over 200 dollars on this game , and i dont want it to all go to waste, please if you guys could help me with this situation i would be most grateful. (I also made a complaint to little orbit gamers first and directly to matt scott and i had no help in any way what so ever)
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