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  1. Anybody know how to customize their vehicle... recustomize* without crashing? I'm getting tired of this crap. You can't customize clothes or vehicles without crashing.
  2. Anybody else ever wanting to use their mic on a mission but you can't because your mic is muted in game but not when you're in a party? I don't know if I got muted by Gamersfirst Staff or not but it started in my very 1st week of apb x1.
  3. The console versions of the Armas marketplace aren't available outside of the game. The "Character Name Change" product is available on the console store though, it's on the bottom row of the "Featured" section. I completely missed that for idk how many weeks lol
  4. Exactly. As I want a character change to a better name But they dont have that feature in the in game store. Only online but you can't get it on the PS4 & X1
  5. Does anyone know how I can access the ARMAS Marketplace via Internet Browser? Cause when I login to my Xbox Live account, it just takes me to the support page. I made a Support Ticket for it, but it's been a few days with no reply.
  6. Yeah I finally got on but it like kept saying the server disconnected. But it took me like 6 tries before I finally got on. I used to play PC, I never had a plug and play till a few days ago, but Idk if PC uses plug and play, but there's also way too many hackers on PC. I like the Xbox version better.
  7. Lol you guys can think what you want. My first gaming nickname was Toastdog/Toastypoodle. I eventually changed it to Knee, and for some reason I always put 264 after my names. At least mine is unique, y'alls are just random.
  8. It's my gamertag. Got it from a few gaming names I used back on other games.
  9. Anybody else disconnecting from any server you logon to? They need a server tracker so we know if their servers are online.
  10. Hello, I believe this is a new bug that recently appeared, maybe after the issue with the not being able to logon, but anyways... Whenever I customize clothes/vehicle(s), and I press B to go back and save it, my game just crashes. I'll try reinstalling the game to see if the problem persists, I will update this post. EDIT: Didn't work. But I just spent 1500$ to duplicate it and deleted the other one.
  11. Is anyone else's game crashing after they try removing a decal from their clothes? I press B and it just crashes.
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