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  1. Hunter70777

    what is this bug ?

    lol guys i tested my friend's mouse , it has the same buttons positions and i found out that his mouse is working with his game on his pc , and i tried my mouse with his game on his pc , and boom it worked too , but i tested his mouse on my pc and it didnt work , same like my mouse so i think the problem is in my pc or my game , any solutions ?
  2. Hunter70777

    what is this bug ?

    ffs , i cant find the driver for my mouse , and when i found a same mouse but in other shape , i found that the buttons position is the same i downloaded many drivers and no thing works , i disabled every button in the mouse and nothing works , just like i'm using a fake one btw , what is the problems with hot keys ffs ? i cant play cuz of that reason everytime i join , hotkeys program not allowed developers , can u fix it and let the hot keys to be allowed ? lol i bought a gamer mouse and i cant play with it cuz of it's buttons ... i tried over 100 drivers , and none of them are working , thats why i'm angry ... dude i can do it , but i want to play with this mouse ...
  3. Hunter70777

    what is this bug ?

    the problem is , i cant find my mouse's program i tried to search for it , but i cant find it's program at all thats why i'm trying to search for it here my mouse is Banda one 6d gaming mouse i found many programs for this mouse but none of them working , like the 2 buttons from the left side of the mouse , i found them in the top of the program , but i didnt care i just wanted to fix this but when i disabled them , and then i pressed save then quit when i entered again it kicked me for the same reason i tested my mouse and found out that the 2 buttons still working and hadn't been disabled so if you guys can help and find me a perfect program for this mouse that will really help me
  4. Hunter70777

    what is this bug ?

    shit , true , i have a razer mouse ._. is that the problem ? cuz i was playing apb year ago and it was before i buy this razer mouse and it was good but i downloaded it again yesterday and open today and this error had shown up do u know a way to turn off all the buttons in my mouse ? just to be like the normal mouse without the added buttons
  5. Hunter70777

    what is this bug ?

    everytime i join apb reloaded and sign in then selecting the district i join for a few seconds then i got auto kicked for the hotkeys reason [unallowed hotkeys] i searched for the problem in google and found out that everyone says : i have the same problem , can i get the solution for this problem , plz help me i have the same error so that doesnt help me so i went to the games forums and ofc u guys have the solution for this error , try to tag me if there is tag here cuz i'm new here in these forums reply as fast as possible guys plz and btw i dont know if this topic in the right place but i need to fix this error at any way