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  1. Please add it back to the game-mode rotation in beacon 








  2. pretty sure we all know what this game is.

    the idea is a true masterpiece, the execution is literally the worst it could've been.

    I feel truly sorry for the potential it had.

    I'll keep playing it until the player count drops to 0, because i want to believe that LO will get this game back up on it's feet again.


    EDIT: to the person that upvoted this, you ruined my 69 community rep. i hope you're proud of yourself

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  3. Christmas is just around the corner and i'd love to be able to gift my friends stuff from armas just like we used to do, can we please have that back? I don't see any reason not to apart from people attempting to do g1c trades, in which, if they get scammed, they took the risk to do it so they should suffer the consequence of losing their item/money.


    Let me know your thoughts on this 🙂

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  4. 2 minutes ago, SKOCHO said:

    also we need english speakers on the forums,PLEASE :classic_wacko:

    1 minute ago, cerv said:

    Ne pense pas qu'il y a une mise à jour. Le serveur est probablement juste écrasé.

    unless gm's are non-existent atm somebody is probably aware that the login server is down. would like some info on the forums though pls
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