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  1. Ganjagang

    My account

    Thank you so much for the help!
  2. Ganjagang

    My account

    I'm pretty sure it's the right account, at least it's the account I've uploaded my APB videos on:
  3. Ganjagang

    My account

    Yup, it's like the previous owners of APB just removed all my data.
  4. Ganjagang

    My account

    But it's allowing me to sign in, it only shows me I don't have any characters made
  5. Ganjagang

    My account

    But isn't being banned mean I'm not able to sign into the account or did just my character get removed?
  6. Ganjagang

    My account

    Hello, my account got banned like 4 years ago by FairFight, it seems like even after the battle eye update my account seems to be removed, I've devoted countless hours into the account and it just shows it's not there, I mean if I would be banned it wouldn't let me get into the account all together, won't it?