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    Drop FPS

    Everytime you run APB the launcher will overwrite the file and replace it to the default option.
  2. I already said I tried different window modes. My CPU usage is at 35% while playing, so no, I don't have anything heavy cpu eating in the background. I also said I already tried the advanced launcher without improvements. Apparently you didn't read my posts, I said many things and not just "I have low fps" What do you mean with "reapply" the settings?
  3. Alright, good to know. One "problem" solved. FPS drops are still a thing
  4. I don't think it's a CPU problem. CPU usage is only at 35% while playing. I use the default options. I already tried the advanced launcher, set everything to maximum, but still no changes. Well, I can't upload a video, because my upload is trash. Here is a picture, I hope you know now what I mean. As you can see, on the upper picture you can't see the car. I moved 1-2 meters forward and the car popped up. I dunno if it's just the game, but it's strange how short the render distance is. Specially while driving these pop ups are a bit .. well, not beneficial. I tried both fullscreen or windowed fullscreen, no difference. Temperatures are fine.
  5. Alright, game is on my ssd now. Objects, cars, NPCs are still popping up, it's like the render distance is capped at 100 meters. FPS drops are still a thing.
  6. It's running on a HDD atm, but I can play games like The Witcher 3 on my HDD too, without any objects pop ups or fps drops?
  7. The thing is, I already tried the game many times. And everytime I have these fps drops. I think it's the third time I wanna try out the game. Between these tries were a few months I think.
  8. Hello, I have two problems. The first one is, I have fps problems. My PC should handle this game easily, but I have fps drops every few seconds. I dunno why, maybe you can help me. PC specs: i7 7700k 32gb RAM GTX 1080Ti 144hz display Second problem: The objects ingame are popping up constantly, even cars are popping up. It feels like theres a really short render distance. Graphics setting is the highest. Is there any way to fix it? I hope you can help, because I really want to play this game. Best regards, wayofthinking
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