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  1. 11 minutes ago, Uke said:

    Well I don't actually remember which nades you had. My point was there was this huge hate for low yields even though they were never really that much stronger than frags if at all. But now that frags are dominating the nade game, no one really seems to care. They're not really considered as cheap or lame, but they should be.

    I think you've been playing a different game then since from what i remember 2 low yields could kill a player(you had and still have 3 of them)....and on top of that they were (and still are) faster on exploding and can be thrown further away.And you wonder why people didn't like them.Personally i don't like being airstriked

  2. 19 hours ago, Uke said:

    They were always a problem imo but back in the day a lot more people were using concs. Now that both yields and concs were either directly or indirectly nerfed there's no good reason to use anything other than frags

    Sorry for being one of those boring people but i was wondering are you the same person that was maining low yields when they were op and now percs?

  3. 8 hours ago, Nev said:

    Poor management, Poor choices of staff, Poor planning, Fake promises and too many apologies for shit they should’ve got right.


    The game is in the worst state at the moment losing players by the day making bronze & green players play against people with 3-20k hours on top of messing up the servers for the highest populated server by forcing EU players to play on NA ping. 

    It’s been an amazing year! 2020 is the year for APB;)

    This and also from the perspective of a person that spent a few thousand hours 120ms on EU servers in 2020 is just very incompetent...also a month now.

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  4. 6 minutes ago, AlishaAzure said:

    If you don't wanna play with 120ms and wait for the EU to come back where it was just don't play the game till the EU actually will come back, is not that difficult, is it?

    They're doing their best to bring the servers back online as soon as possible.

    Yeah hardworking team this.G1 took 1 and half day keep that in mind.Also never mentioned EU since the outcome for me personally is the same i just want the game to be playable like it was 3 days ago LOL

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