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  1. 1 minute ago, RubyGee said:
    3 minutes ago, Fr3e said:
    wasnt on mine until LO became the big bois
    Because as I said, for some reason this thing wouldn't appear for all payment methods, but LO fixed it apparently.

  2. On 7/15/2018 at 1:19 PM, RubyGee said:

    No, even under Reloaded, the customer had to pay taxes :
    If you wanted to buy 400 G1C with paypal, in Europe, you'd pay around $6 for 400 G1C, that were then converted to euros.
    It is just because they completed the 'tax integration', so to speak. With some payment methods you wouldn't pay taxes for some reason, but LO fixed that. The only way to not have to pay taxes is to live in a country where there is no tax on virtual goods (the US for example).


    erm let me explain it properly for you utter weebs who don't know economy

    they added the tax to the price unlike g1 who didn't tell you that you were gonna get taxed *edited text size* - Lixil

  3. 8 hours ago, Keshi said:

    I mis gifting my gf stuffs...cuz idk what to spend money on now... but people always ruin shit for people... what i dont get is "g1 doesnt allow refund" but yet for somereason can chargeback

    l m a o pretending you have a gf xDDDD

  4. i get downvoted by weebs 24/7 but why are you getting offended on the internet? the game has an ignore feature and if you're filling it out to the point you can't add anyone else to the ignore list chances are you should re-evaluate what ur doing to make people ruin you

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  5. 1 minute ago, Salvick said:

    Those complaining about how some players destroy the experience of APB for them and we just did exactly that with Lixil and the staff who wanted to experiment the game with us from our perspective as a normal player.

    They complain causing drama instead of trying to tell her about their concerns through thousands of different ways, some guys were disrespectful and attacked her, and maybe a few tried to be polite but there were thousand of options to reach her and get a direct impression of how she is and bring her your concerns, but now that's just screwed for them and everyone else.

    I don't see the point on getting upset at the people having a good time, either the former cheaters or the new game management, both don't know each other and they were having a positive experience, now the staff and Lixil will have to remain hiding from people as it used to be with G1.

    Congrats with your witch hunt for the guys who are on it, we've burnt someone innocent targeting her as associated with the evil witches, as I predicted it in thread I created in our first days of LO indeed, but this was beyond the imaginable.

    Talking about destroying the game...yells for new players while ruining it for the Community Manager.

    whats ur TLDR
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