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  1. Hiya, After seeing the Reddit/Massively post regarding the G1 buyout by LO, I immediately got hyped and hopped over here. Always loved this game, but the stagnation of the game kept me from wanting to spend money/continue playing. I would very much like dive back in & contribute my 10 cents to Little Orbit to fund the "revamp" of the game, knowing well that it will likely be a long process with lots of hurdles and frustrations. However I'm wondering where my money would be going, at this very early stage. I'm under the assumption that as a for-profit company, the first thing LO would do would be to take over the cash shop & get money flowing toward your company; however you can never be too sure. If I start back now, will any money spent right now be going toward LO, the recovery of assets, review/changing of the game engine, etc. which was outlined in the latest "state of the game"? Or will the transition (from a financial standpoint) take a bit longer to get in place? Thanks in advance, and thank you too for attempting to breathe life into this little forgotten gem.
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