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  1. Entry level systems are bad idea but thats just my opinion. Anyway you'd be better off buying processor and graphics separately if you plan on gaming. In mmo's you could get severely bottlenecked by your cpu or gpu possibly both (I'm betting on cpu) and in sigleplayer games by gpu only probably. I also recommend getting at least 16 gigs of ram if you want to have browser open (among other things) in background when gaming or on a second monitor.

    If anyone's at least slightly serious about gaming, apu's are a bad idea since they were designed for office computers not much more beyond that.

  2. 17 hours ago, ScLines said:

    Then you are ignoring ESRB'S own definition of the AO rating on their own website that does say it involves gambling with real currency.


    Plus those three videos in my first original post have already detailed several studies and actual stories of children exposed to loot boxes. Safe to say loot boxes are gambling because they are and shouldn't be exposed to minors or adolescents. 


    It's another case where the mainstream media or even local media where you live just turn a blind eye or refuse to cover stories of people addicted to these bad video game monetization practices.

    First and foremost I'm telling you this the third time but I'm not going to repeat myself. Read my previous replies instead about the AO rating.


    +17, no minors or adolescents should be around. If you are 17 you should know the value of money.


    Puh-lease mainstream media jump on the opportunity to trash video games.

  3. 24 minutes ago, ForumUser said:

    Is the free account lifetime clothing bundle a specific bundle or are we allowed to choose which clothing bundle we want? If it is the former, which clothing bundle is it or what does it consist of?

    This ^ please do tell. I don't want to waste time and probably more money than needed on going from paypal to razer to armas.

  4. 1 hour ago, ScLines said:

    ESRB's own website says that AO rating applies to games that have gambling with real currency. M rating doesn't have it. Multiple studies and sources have already shown that the majority have pointed out that loot boxes are gambling hence why this game should be rated AO and not M. But it is better to remove loot boxes, if not, put an AO rating at least for ESRB's rating.

    AOnly rating implies brutal things or sex in-game neither of which is present or that you can cash out the money you win which is not true either. And I told you this already.


    Guess that means we should get the T rating instead as a thread back suggested since that one does include simulated gambling. /s

  5. 6 minutes ago, ScLines said:

    What is also missing is that currently video games in North America especially dont have any gambling regulations/laws in place. When gambling regulations/laws were put in place in video games in Belgium, EA refused to comply subsequently with the regulations and pulled out. Basically not allowing loot boxes to be purchasable with real money.


    If gambling regulations/laws actually came in place worldwide to the video game industry I bet not many developers will not be as likely to attempt these predatory monetizations as they are currently doing.


    Though certainly this game being put to Adults Only instead of Mature would help things if ESRB did do their job on rating their games more properly when it comes to games having loot boxes/microtransactions.

    Uh I didn't mean bringing the rating up. Although I would love if they spiced up the lore in-game and made it for more mature audience. ESRB are doing their job on ratings right afaik so far except for the sports games. Adult only implies you can cash in and out the money you've gambled and as someone said one year difference doesnt matter all that much at this point 17-18.


    We can't have laws that essentially protect you from yourself applied globally. With kids its parenting, with adults they should seek help on their own if addicted. Now I didn't see any draft of the potential laws being put in place but if its only some warning or sticker on the game then I wouldn't mind I suppose since nobody is looking at those anyways + maybe showing the odds would be nice.

  6. Hol up. This game is rated M so no children should be around. Unresposible parenting is a whole other issue. I know the line 'think of the children' gets the boomers going in parliament, but think of the ratings too. Thats why sports games are getting a lof of attention regarding this.

  7. Try what others told you to do. Different driver versions preferably major ones.

    The artifacting on second screenshot would indicate a gpu issue as others have said.


    I did see an instance of similar problem in another game which was caused by bad memory allocation but I don't think that it is the issue here and wouldn't know how to go about fixing it if it was the case.

  8. 10 hours ago, PrincessMimi said:

    This devs where precursos on a lot of contemporary mechanics and systems found on now more popular games.


    As you can see in the crackdown gameplay they always overloaded their games with curse words for the lulz.


    Theres was a game which recently failed just for that single reason, it was called drawn to death, it failed to keep its players simply because of the sensation you were agreeing with the mindset of the narrator and the unecessary negativity of the text. Apb does a lesser version of this


    it was made by celebrated designer david jaffe!

    I always thought it would had more of a chance on pc but still they would have had to trim down the uncessary open audience killers ><

    I don't see how the review proves your point. I didn't play the game but I'm going to take the reviewer's word for it now. He said that even if you stripped all the 'unecessary audience killers' in there, he didn't like the game itslef and wouldn't probably play it. That comes down to gameplay mechanics. It honestly looked like stylized 3rd person quake but much slower(movement) and for console peasants (not a great experience at all from the looks of it).


    The game wouldn't suddenly become more replayable or stylish just because you changed blood into glitter and civillians into zombies.

  9. 1 hour ago, Bishada8800 said:

    True that (most people don't point their weapon away from the street corner). And shadows, shadow silhouettes will actually quite often give away players (most people seem to not think about the direction the sun or street lights when hiding behind a corner). NPCs also don't start running in panic for no reason, you can often use this to your advantage as an early warning system 😉. Also listen for enemy footsteps and enemies running over trashcans or boxes (if you know the map then you can often precook a nade and land it on them just as they round the corner).


    I often get accused of using wall hacks due to advanced tactics like the above.

    what are shadows xd

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