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  1. 31 minutes ago, Flaws said:

    Probably because to most players the N-TEC starts and ends with "tap fire hurr durr" which is wrong. That is the main reason you get slaughtered by high tier players who play N-TEC against you and these pointless weapon changes are the result. No offense to anyone, it's just what my years of experience are telling me.

    Take it easy guy. I know what I'm talking about. it is funny when a person with many years of experience playing with whisper, talks about the balance of NTEC and OSCAR. 
    hurr durr slaughtered by high tier



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  2. if you understood anything about the balance of weapons, you wouldn’t protect n-tec right now. this is obviously the most versatile weapon in the game, having a rather enviable ttk. I would call this weapon the easiest to learn, due to the absence of any shooting mechanics at all. if you learned to tap for long range shooting - congratulations, incredibly difficult weapons obeyed you.  I want to say that it absolutely definitely needs rework.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Neko_Ninja said:

    So. What we have? Innova says you have data and gives that data to players. G1 says that all data has been left to you. And only LO says that he has nothing and no one gives this data. That seems ridiculous. As if a 3 year old baby is trying to trick mom and dad ...


    innova did not give g1 billing information. when this information was required, apparently innova provided her specialist GM FakeOff to talk with LO. GM FakeOff declined to provide billing information, but said that they provided all the data for G1 / LO. thereby, he lied to regular players and LO that all data was provided.
    P.S. And after that, he scoffed at his stream over LO, and joked that they are Very Little Orbit, that they can’t cope with such trouble. 

    He is so popular in the Blade&Soul_ru community that someone take picture from his stream

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  4. On 8/10/2019 at 4:57 AM, MattScott said:

    I have previously posted about the Nekrova migration and our compensation plan for those players.

    I would really like you to pay due attention to the transfer. Maybe you should better balance the ratio of g1c credits to the total playtime. Due to the current compensation plan fairly players who supported the game and the developer, will suffer losses.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Yood said:

    dear participants . pioneer , nekrova . stop the attacks in the direction of character Proga . he didn't break anything . it was his job .

    Well. To get a job you need to enter into contracts, Proga is just a volunteer. He deserves such an attitude towards himself because he has abused his authority.

    P.S. At the request of innova, volunteer accounts should be banned. 

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  6. 4 hours ago, funken221 said:

    Русские, вы реально дебилы? Нам никто ничего не должен. Для нас и так стараются сделать так, чтоб нам лучше было, чтоб мы играли, а не просто сидели на пустых серверах, нет у них возможности все сделать так как вы хотите, вы не одни, всегда найдется тот, кто останется недовольным, если вы хотите поныть от того, что вам мало компенсации, тогда оставайтесь на некрове со своим донатом и играйте на пустом сервере. И еще из-за вас переносят вечно миграцию.

    Free-to-play user detected 

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  7. 4 hours ago, Proga said:

    Lol, nagging Haters again :D
    These gloves have deleted for my account. I have not received any benefits from my position on staff. the whole Donat is bought by me personally, except for 3 guns.
    You can continue to lie, but the logs GM will see the truth, they do not need your nonsense. Good luck crybaby :3

    Are you serious?  And the piercing in SHAW with which you often played in a fight club did you also get at ARMAS?   Cool story about 3 guns bro. Rly nice:) 
    I think the logs will only be your battles in the social district chat. 

    I remind. innova passed the list of accounts for the ban, in this list were almost all GM assistants

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  8. 1 hour ago, Yood said:

    dude, you don't even know what you're talking about. 


    I think it makes no sense to discuss this. just for the reason that LO probably already has its own ideas about how it will look and our discussion does not make sense. I think if you understood and saw the whole situation, it would be easier to communicate with you.

  9. 24 minutes ago, Yood said:



    lazybones . Google will help you !

    There is currently a problem with taggers. About this, and other mods, I reported on otw more than a year ago. I do not think that someone would leave them when connecting Nekrova and Citadel. I still do not understand why it bothers you so much if, most likely, databases will be put in order.

  10. 5 minutes ago, Yood said:

    1 on shared servers this weapons not was available NEVER ! 2 . there is a unique fashion which were awarded to players for winning events , most of the participants of the forum decided it needed on the main servers remain unique offer .


    sory . you are not competent .

    these are just local players' fantasies. I think you can not prove it.

  11. 1 hour ago, Yood said:

    the biggest outburst of the community's outrage was directly about the unique weapon mods , a little less about the weapons of which there were no other servers . if you are interested in the details check out the old posts related to the topic .


    this makes no sense. 1) this weapon has the same stats. 2) the whole uniqueness lies in the pre-installed mods, and the skin, which cannot even be changed. I even think it can easy be replaced by a similar weapon available on the cheatadel.

  12. 6 hours ago, wibsey said:

    It's because the weapon stats from the 4game servers are different from the main G1s. 

    https://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com/2017/02/wowfebruaryalready.html what? 
    >>Will you delete some of the content that players had, or will all items be present after the transfer?
    We are still reviewing the content that Innova players had and comparing it to what we support in our version of the game. We may need to remove any content that was not intended to be released to players such as in-development/incomplete clothing, weapons, etc. Besides those items, we plan to bring over all other content including the items created for the Innova build of the game. In the case of weapons, we may alter their stats slightly to maintain proper game balance with our weapons.

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