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    Hello 8bit people o/ Real name Scott but everyone calls me Chippy anyway, I'm 27 from Belfast N.Ireland I've played APB since the RTW days, and a good part of the Gamerfirst era, I've only ever played in close friend circles though so not sure if any older members would recognise me or not. My Crim Chippy is 1k+ hours, 245 Rank atm, only OP gun i have is the nano? but from recent play it feels poop compared to how i remembered it :L. If i was to describe my game play style it would be more that of a in game leader / decision maker, but I'm more than happy to follow like a good little sheep, gun wise I'm a flex can use pretty much anything or at least used to be able to, to a decent degree I don't rage at other players as from my background in other games I'm aware everyone comes in different skill levels and tilt thresh holds, I'd just be that guy who annoys you for being too positive and clinging on to the 0.1% chance of hope I'd like to join 8Bit as previously mentioned I've never joined a community only played with a small groups of friends, but i'd like to be part of something a bit bigger and maybe find an APB family if such a thing exists Outside of APB i play, LoL, HoTs, Overwatch, Pubg, R6Siege, Fortnite, CSGO, and a bunch of other weeb things that don't need mentioned if you want to know anything more let me know here or in game sure Thank you for your time!
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