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  1. Karlovy

    Drop FPS

    Unfortunately I have not solved, someone would know how to help me? Is it normal for you to line even with the minimum quality?
  2. Karlovy

    Drop FPS

    Potrebbe esserci un problema con l'Hard Disk perché viene sempre avviato al 100%? ( Green border after performing disk defragmentation) Purtroppo è un problema che ho da molto tempo.
  3. Karlovy

    Drop FPS

    Hi guys I need help, When I play 100 fps some moments the game I go down to 70 quickly and freeze the game for a few milliseconds and then return to 100 fps This is my configuration i5-6500 3.20Ghz AMD Readon r9 390 - 8gb 8Gb RAM 1TB - HDD Windows 10 pro Thank you!
  4. I tried to uninstall the antivirus but nothing. I solved the problem by downloading the game through Steam. Thank you so much @ElectroStingz.
  5. Hi Guys, i created this topic because I have problem with Installation. I don't have local disk M, someone would know how to help me? Screen problem: https://i.imgur.com/vbnbrSC.png Thank you, Marco.
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