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  1. 2 minutes ago, Gizzly said:
    10 minutes ago, CookiePuss said:

    I find the ntec, star, and far to all be perfectly viable tbh. 

    The problem with the ntec is how fast you can accurately shoot at ranges. Both FAR and STAR's bloom recovery makes them practically useless vs an ntec at 50-60m. On top of that the ntec can easially deal with snipers and such up to 75 even 80m. I don't want the ntec to be useless. I want a very slight adjustment to either it's damage dropoff range or it's bloom recovery.
    the NTEC should outshine in that range as the STAR is much easier to use in CQC

  2. except you need to bring up other weapons because balance takes other weapons into effect. Being an unbalanced weapon would mean it outperforms at ranges other guns should have a niche over, and the NTEC does not. The ATAC is viable as well but it is meant for closer distances. 

    the NTECs strength comes from its ability to adapt to most situations

    what exactly are you trying to do to the ntect to make it more balanced? Anything you do will make it pretty much useless. 

    It already suffers from extremely high bloom, and its range is poor (Which is why everyone runs the same setup with HS3 and IR3) when compared to other marksmen rifles. At close range its imposible to full auto the weapon and hit anything unless they are right on top of you and not moving. Plus if you're out of marksmen mode the bloom is even worse. The gun is only seen constantly because it works in most situations. 

  3. And Having 40 threat levels hidden (1-10 green, 1-10 bronze, 1-10 silver and 1-10 gold) and then adding a visible filter for threat on district made this a huge problem. Changing it back to threat level ratings that only sit between 1-15 would be enough. The current system is, especially with a useless green rank, is bloated. Little Orbit should seriously consider removing threat segregation and instead consider adding a casual district, a competetive district, and a tutorial district. The tutorial district would be for actual new players who are below a certain rank AND threat level. Once  one of those thresholds is broken they go to a higher district. Casual is how the current districts are but without threat segregation. The competetive districts offer higher rewards for winning and maybe include joker tickets as a reward. That way there is more incentive to actually go to the comp district. 


  4. I know this is a double post but I wanted to just make another point. In the past any events G1 has done regarding clans has always breathed some life and fresh population into this game without fail

  5. I haven't seen anything on this forum regarding clans specifically, and I think that it's really important that progress is made towards this area in the game.       






    In RTWs vision of the game (seen from the trailer above) having your crew was just as integral as creating your character. In the current version of the game, the clan system at best is a supplement for the titles and serves almost zero purpose. APB is an MMO and clans and guilds are always a huge part of MMOs. I think Little Orbit can do a lot of good for APB by making clans relevant again. 


    As of right now theres a few small things that could be included to add some usability to the current clan system. Clan leaderboards were already in place during RTW and measured things such as Kill/death ratios, mission win/loss ratios, mission win streaks, total kills and total missions won. At the end of the week rewards would be sent to the clan members that included things like vehicles and weapone. This system could easily be brought back and instead of weapons and cars little orbit could just distribute things like Joker Tickets and maybe a skin if you're able to maintain your position for a month or longer. 


    On on top of that I feel as though clan leaderboards should be separated in terms of leagues by member count. That way a clan that has high entry barriers with only 30 members won't get constantly out preformed by a clan that sits at 150 members. Having functioning clans also promote a more healthy attitude towards the playerbase. Players will be more likely to join up with other players and it's hard to argue this game is more fun solo than it is with a pre-made group. 



    Down the road, adding things like clan housing or even just a VIP area in social for top clans could be something that would promote it even further. Even clan organized fight club matches could be worked out down the road and large clan v clan arranged matches could be fun as well.


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