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  1. I wanted to return to the game, I need to change my password, I’ve been waiting for a response from support for a month best support ever
  2. How long do I need to wait for someone to help me change the password for my linked Steam account? I made a ticket, wrote an email, unsubscribed on the forum, I really want to play
  3. I'll wait because as I remember there is something there, but starting to play as a pure character in a world where almost everyone is high level is not very fun
  4. Ticket created 2-3 days later)
  5. Why can’t I just create a ticket, the ticket creation page doesn’t work at all even if I turn on VPN
  6. Hello, I can’t log in via Steam, I need to update my password, I also can’t create a ticket, the page won’t load steam belphegor19952
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